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Prep & Prime: A Guide to Skincare Before Makeup

Skincare maintenance is one thing and we should all be fully invested in our AM/PM  routines if we want our best face to shine forward. When it comes to getting skin perfectly ready for makeup application that’s a whole other story. A little prepping has a huge impact on how your skin reacts to makeup.



I usually wake up with puffy eyes. I remember a really good friend telling me.. I wish I woke up with puffy eyes, that’s a sign of youth. That’s probably because PMS can be the cause and if you are still menstruating then you haven’t hit menopause yet. But I’ve suffered from puffy eyes in the morning for as long as I can remember. It’s usually when I over do it the night before with too much vino or salty food, or when I don’t get enough sleep. I also have dark circles which is hereditary. So I always start by prepping my eyes since that’s what needs the most work in the morning. While I get ready I pop on these Patchology eye flash masks and I find they leave my eyes hydrated, smooth and with less visible dark circles.



If I’m using a Matte lipstick (which can be quite drying) that day I always start with my lip maintenance – which begins with exfoliating the lips to remove any dead skin. I then use a super hydrating and plumping lip mask for an added boost. I finish it off with a lip balm. This method is also great when your lips need a little extra care all year round.


I can’t stress this enough.. SPF at all times. I owe a lot of my good skin to not exposing it to the sun freely. Which is what I also attribute to aging well – ALWAYS USE SPF AFTER YOUR MOISTURIZER – I stick with SPF 15 during the winter months and go up to SPF 50 during the Summer. Some of the best formulas I’ve used through out the years are by Kate Sumorville and Skinceutical.  The Daily Deflector from Kate Somerville is a triple duty – moisturizer, sunscreen and anti aging product in one. The Broad Spectrum from Skinceutical is lightly tinted which you can use in place of a tinted moisturizer or foundation in the summer when you want keep things light.




Primer.. just like any good painter you much use primer. Depending on your needs.. Long lasting, mattifying, dewiness you have an array of primers to choose from. I’ve tried numerous ones .. Smashbox, benefit, too faced, MAC, and the list goes on – I always go back to Hourglass Mineral Veil primer. Not only does it ensure your foundation applies evenly and almost airbrushed, it makes your foundation water proof and sweat proof, which is perfect in the summer and winter – since the wind makes me tear till no end.



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