Beauty / January 30, 2017

All you do is Glow featuring Luv Scrub

Every so often I come across a new product that changes my beauty routine and the glam game for that matter, a great example would be the beauty blender.. We can all agree, right? Total game changer. While the beauty blender is great at applying makeup it’s the maintenance of our skin that truly gives us the perfect canvas.  Recently, I discovered my ultimate beauty weapon to attain flawless skin that truly glows.

The Good Glow is about shinning from the inside out. It’s as much about allowing your radiant skin to shine through as it is about experimenting with makeup to enhance that natural glow. So, when Caroline Ansah the creator of Luv Scrub reached out to introduce her secret to a gorgeous glowing skin I was intrigued as much as I was ecstatic.

Luv Scrub is a mesh body exfoliator like no other. It’s gentle enough for every day use but, so tough you scrub all the dirt and grime away. Leaving you with soft, gorgeous and flawless skin. 

After two weeks of use I’m totally hooked. All the little bumps on the back of my arms have completely vanished.. the tiny scars I had on my legs, from my cat’s claws, are disappearing, my skin feels incredibly soft and I’ve never felt cleaner after a shower or bath.  SERIOUSLY!

One of the things I love the most is that this mesh cloth doesn’t breed bacteria like a loofah would. It dries in a matter of minutes and you don’t have to wash it like you would a towel. You can roll it up of unfold it to get every part of your body, including your back. This is a total no brainer for those on the go. It lasts for a year.. I mean! AMAZING! I am so happy she introduced it to me and in turn I can introduce it all you lovelies.

Caroline’s story is really captivating. She is a first generation Ghanaian, born in Boston, and living in NYC since 2004. A total bad ass in her own right with a degree in Fashion Marketing from UMass Amherst. The idea of her amazing creation the Luv Scrub brand came about in the most organic way, at a rooftop party. As she mingled amongst new friends she was complimented on her amazing glowing skin, and after a conversation and realizing there really wasn’t anything on the market that came even close she delved into creating one of my most adored beauty tools for life. What is more go-getter, inspiring and motivational than that?

In Caroline’s words…

I simply call it the LUV SCRUB because I love it.  It has been a beauty secret in West Africa for generations.  I am so proud to give it an identity and bring it to the market. Finally the secret is out!  Very excited to share the LUV with everyone.

In my words…

Get some LUV we could all use it.


This was a Sponsored Post. I was given this product for testing purposes and fell in LUV. All opinions shared are my own. 


  1. Chelle

    Is this like a shower poof ball but flat ? Thanks

    25 . Jun . 2017
    • Claudia

      It’s better than a shower poof because it’s anti bacterial and last much longer (up to 18 months) because it’s made of a more durable material than a traditional shower poof. Also it scrubs way better as well. It is flat but I use it bunched up and when I want to scrub my back it’s long enough to do that.

      03 . Jul . 2017

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