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How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays


The Holidays can mean scary times when it comes to our waistlines and health. With Flu season in full gear and holiday treats galore It’s really hard to stay on track. I would hate to miss out on any fun so I work my hardest to avoid getting sick. While on the other hand I love food and really look forward to indulging during the festive holiday season. However, I know what that can result in – longer workouts so I can fit into those skinny jeans again.  Here are some of my tips to stay on track during the most exciting time of year.

Stay Hydrated – Chugging that h2o Isn’t just necessary during the hot summer. It is essential to stay hydrated during the dry winter months also. It simply keeps your system operating well and ready to fight off any nasty germs lurking.

Snack Smart  – Nuts, fruits, dark raw chocolate, are just some of the few snacks you should be filling up on in between meals. Nuts like raw almonds or fruits like apples are great because of the fiber in them tends to keep you full longer. Raw almonds can be kept in a ziplock bag in your purse.. during those moments of hunger it comes in handy.

Echinacea Drops – I swear by this stuff. I usually take a few drops in the morning with warm water. It’s preventative care for colds. This will give your immune system a boost when you need it most.

Eat at Home – It is so easy to order in or head out to eat when you’ve been shopping all day or whatever. But trust me this is the time of year you’ll want to eat most of your meals at home. With all the parties going on there will be plenty of opportunities to eat out.

Plan Workouts Accordingly – Like I mentioned working out isn’t my favorite but I know it’s necessary. So, I plan my workout when I know I will be indulging a bit extra. For instance if I know I have a few dinners or parties lined up that week, I’ll go a little harder at the gym.

Don’t Skip Meals – This one is probably the most important, because what happens when we skip a meal? We starve, feel weak, and don’t make the healthiest choice. So, stay on track with your eating schedule and resort to healthy snacking in between meals.

Get Enough Sleep – Sometimes easier said than done, I know. If you want to stay healthy sleep deprivation is that one thing you’ll have to eliminate especially during the stress and chaos of the holiday season. Get your Zzz’s even if it means turning off the TV a little earlier.

Wash Your Hands – You can carry a hand sanitizer or wipes, I can’t say I always do. But I always wash my hands. Especially after being outdoors, in public places etc. It is very important since our hands pretty much touch everything.

Schedule a Massage – This is the time of year we work so hard. It’s the fourth quarter so work is crazy, the year is ending and everything comes at once and fast. A good way to unwind from all the end of year madness is to schedule some R&R – it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Be Real – Let’s be real. It’s the holidays, we want to enjoy and we all should. This isn’t about trying to start diets or get into a crazy exercise routine. Rather it’s about balancing all and trying to maintain yourself during a time of year when it’s easy to lose control.

Now I realize perfect doesn’t exist, so don’t beat yourself up if you over eat or don’t look after yourself as well as you can. Simply make note of it and try to do better. For example, you went too hard at dinner with a full on meal and dessert, go light at breakfast and maybe even schedule a hot yoga class. It’s easy to stay focused if you have a plan and are conscious of what’s happening. So enjoy but don’t over do it. Or do, just know you’ll have to work harder come the new year.

These are just some of my tips, Feel free to share some of your tips for staying healthy during the winter months?

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