Lifestyle / October 21, 2016

Netflix & Chill: Halloween Version

The Set Up

If you don’t have plans this halloween or can’t bother with getting all dressed up you can keep the party at home nice and cozy. It’s super easy. All you need is the right mix of food, movies, and company.¬†Make it a Netflix and Chill night. You can invite your man, your besties or your family.

When I know I’m spending a night indulging on sweet and salty junk food I try to fill up on the healthy stuff first. I love raw vegetables with a side of ranch. Since I don’t drink soda a great alternative is sparkling water. I love Pellegrino with lemon you can even add some juice to make it flavored.



The Movies

Nothing beats a good horror movie on Halloween. I’ve been watching them since I was a kid. I remember cable TV keeping my brother and I up at night. We had the old school black box with a knob. HBO and MTV was everything in those days. Our parents were usually busy with whatever and there was no parental control options in those days so we watched every movie we possibly could.

These are a few of my childhood favorites with one I watched as an adult – Trouble Every Day. Warning: Trouble Every Day isn’t for everyone – it’s foreign and with very little dialogue. No film has shook me to the core the way that film has.


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