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Only in New York – The 90th Annual San Gennaro Feast

This is New York and there is always something happening. The San Gennaro Feast has been celebrated for almost a century. I have very fond memories of being a teenager in hot shorts and a cropped top as I navigated the feast in search for the best zeppoles all the while I checked out the cute boys. That’s what we did in our middle school days.

Having outgrown those days but not my love for the celebration I took advantage of the festivities and headed to Little Italy for some good food, a little shopping and most importantly a great time.


But first.. Lemonade!

There is so much to eat here, from the classic sausage and peppers to the mouthwatering cannoli. This year you’ll have to reserve plenty of room for delicious tantalizing food, like the Mozzarepa (arepa with mozzarella), to the fried pickles and the cronuts… it wasn’t easy to just pick one.


These fried pickles were too tempting to pass up! And Pete means business, he makes these yummy pickles here in New York and they are so bomb. He was so nice also, I mentioned my blog and he even remarked.. you definitely have the good glow.


I’m in love with the coco! I’m originally from the Caribbean – La Republica Dominicana, baby. So I feel like I was born with a coconut by my side. These yummy ones came packed with a punch, Rum. You can find them throughout the Feast and it was super refreshing on that hot day.


The feast is for everyone to enjoy, Kids and adults alike. There are so many cute shops displaying their items on stands, a carousel ride for all to enjoy, cafes and restaurants where you can sit and chill, games to play, and most importantly it goes on all day. From 11:30am until 11pm and Midnight on Fridays and Saturday.

Open until this Sunday, September 25th. So head over and enjoy it’s what us New Yorkers do and if you can’t make it this year there is always next.

For those lovelies that follow my Snapchat Stories.. you got the unedited version. Hope you enjoyed it. Thank you so much to the talented and gorgeous VIK who took the best pictures. It wouldn’t have been the same without her.

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